Miscreated Player Items

A handful of Player controlled Items/Tools I made for Miscreated.
These assets can be held in the players hands and have many different uses specific to the individual asset.

Carl kent cb radio 3

CB-Radio "Survivotron" used for Voice based communication between players in the world. Has multiple different frequencies

Carl kent cb radio 1
Carl kent cb radio 2
Carl kent pills 0

Anti-Radiation/ Potassium Iodide Pills to help protect players from irradiated areas

Carl kent pills 2
Carl kent canteen plastic

Military Canteen (Plastic), used for carrying water

Carl kent canteen metal

Military Canteen (Metal), used for carrying water

Carl kent megaphone


Carl kent map

Map Item carried by the player. Road & POI locations provided by Marco (Lead Level Designer) each update, some design updates by Chris (Lead Artist) but majority of changes, design and POI's are done by me.

Carl kent maglite short

Metal Flashlight (Small)

Carl kent maglite long

Metal Flashlight (Long)

Carl kent waterskin

Waterskin, used for carrying water